The Meditation that Buddha and Christ Practiced….

I recently learned this meditation from one of my teachers, Guru Dharam, at a Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training in Red Hook, NY. This is a meditation that is said to have been practiced by both Buddha and Christ. I’ve started it as a 40 day sadhana to help support my positive mind, as I’m committing to a lot of healing practices right now for hormone balancing, adrenal and gut healing. Although things may be challenging now and I’m tired from detoxing, I want my mind to focus on the positive which is about feeling amazing in a few months! So do this meditation for whatever health, relationship or job challenges may be present for you right now.

It is called the ‘Smiling Buddha Kriya’, which is known to open up energy flow to the heart, help you become more of yourself and give you a sense of peace and happiness. This Kundalini Meditation includes a mudra and mantra recited mentally. Please use this song to have a rhythm to follow along with for mantra:

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I truly hope this supports you!

Dr. Somer Nicole

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