Reprogramming the Mind, as it Relates to Physical Pain (Video)

This is the video from a Facebook live I did in response to a question I received about reprogramming the mind when one is in physical pain. Here I am discussing how the protective thought patterns we set up as children translate to how we deal with our physical pain. There is further detail of ways to get the mind out of negative thought patterns, as well as the importance of bringing the unconscious into your conscious awareness to fully heal. I also provide some information on a Kundalini Meditation for Subconscious Fear.

Kundalini Meditations, which can target deeply ingrained patterns, get you past your egoic mind the fastest and to a place where your unconconscious thoughts, beliefs and fears can come into your conscious awareness. Visit to try out the site for $1.

CLICK HERE to watch the other video I mention in this one about the ‘Key to Healing Physical Pain’.  I truly hope this information supports you! Thank you for reading and watching.


Dr. Somer Nicole

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Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher
CranioSacral Therapist & SomatoEmotional Release Practitioner
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